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June 1st 2019 latest - starting to market an improved interactive audiobook app based on Alice in Wonderland.  I'm casting for voicover artists on  casting ref 1011230.

(Some of the rest of this website may be obsolete)

- publishing for the blind

  • Hello, there are audio stories to download or you can visit the mebooks ™ website, publishing for the blind Print On Demand storefront . Or, for some patents, ideas, stuff and nonesense click here. For some help in using a computer if you are blind or visually impaired click here, for hints on how to email click here. If you purchase the 'download' version from then you can store the .pdf file on your computer. This opens with Acrobat Reader and reproduces the same large print text on screen as in the book. There are additional advantages of being able to use the 'view -> read out loud' facilities (Acrobat Reader 6.0 and above) and Acrobat's search, navigation and display zoom options.
  • If you have any queries, or for buying in quantity or publishing in the UK then please contact me
  • The latest product "Let Me Count the Ways MP3-CD" is by Elizabeth Spurgeon, spoken in the rich but clear voice of Glenda Harper. It was produced after discussion with RNIB, the Macular Disease Society and local vision impaired groups. It tells the story of Beth Teal and how her life changed from being a maid to a country Lady to being well-to-do in the city. She eventually found true love and happiness after an unforeseen accident to her husband. Let Me Count the Ways is also available as a large print spiral bound book.
  • Goodbye Ebenezer is another novel by Elizabeth Spurgeon. It is the amazing story of Paul Slade - an assumed name after he had faked his death. From being a labourer on the coal barges he progressed through hard work and good fortune to becoming a wealthy retailer. But he never forgot his early life as a simple shepherd and the drowning horse in the quarry. A few paperback books were produced by the Daily Mail in their 2005 Print Your Own promotion. It is now available as a large print spiral bound book from and there is a stock of the book in silent DVD-video format When used with a DVD player and TV this displays pages of text with characters about 1 inch high. The opening menu gives ready access to the start chapters of the three main parts of the book and the player controls of 'next chapter', 'fast forward' 'fast reverse' 'slow forward' and 'pause' are also very useful. It runs for 6 hours at normal speed
  • Allsorts One is a large print book of short stories, poems and quotations by Peter Spurgeon. Many of the stories were designed for reading in about 5 minutes to a Creative Writers' Workshop. One of my customers described it as an ideal book for reading in the toilet. That certainly covers most of the population as prospective customers!
  • There is a shortage of books in large print, audio and braille formats. RNIB's Right to Read campaign states "up to three million children and adults are being denied the right to read because they have a sight problem dyslexia or another reading disability" - writers and volunteers can publish their own or out-of-copyright material at no cost using
  • Orders/enquiries welcomed from Authors and Publishers.